Takashi Yanai FAIA
Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney

Takashi Yanai, FAIA has been the Residential Studio Director since 2004 where he leads the firm’s efforts in the design and execution of award-winning single family residences. Takashi’s projects have been published extensively in the national and international press. Takashi brings a keen sensitivity and interest in site and context coupled with a strong appreciation for the craft of building and materiality born of his dual Californian and Japanese heritage. His houses are a lasting and profound articulation of the relationship between man and nature that underscores architecture’s power to enhance our environments. Prior to practicing architecture, Takashi was an editor at GA Houses in Tokyo where he had the privilege of engaging with the world’s finest residential architects. Takashi is very active in the AIA Committee on Design, and is currently also on the SFMOMA Photography and Acquisitions Committee. He is currently a visiting lecturer at the USC School of Architecture, and lectures throughout the world. Alongside architecture, Takashi has a strong interest in photography and social media. His professional activities, travels and personal interests are well-documented and widely followed (60,000 followers) on his Instagram account @t_yanai.