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The pandemic has changed the way we live, bringing health and wellness to the forefront. Concerned about these standards and the safety of residents and guests, Nashville’s new Airbnb hotel has found a permanent and elegant solution to prevent the spread of germs and encourage hand hygiene.

Vaask hand sanitizing fixtures have been installed in the high-traffic, high-touch point areas of Muse, a five-story, 55-unit building that opened in February 2022.

“Vaask is doing exactly what it's meant to do – get people’s attention and encourage them to sanitize their hands,” said Patty Williams, Muse’s property manager.


How Vaask works

Vaask is a touchless, ADA-compliant hand sanitizing fixture designed to be recessed into the wall. Its permanence and precise delivery of sanitizer demonstrate Muse’s long-term commitment to hygiene and cleanliness:

  • Premium finishes: Available in custom powder coating, plated metal or custom finish options.
  • Precise dispensing: Features a PalmPilot hand sensor and a precision pump control that automatically retracts sanitizer when one’s hand moves away.
  • Simple visual alerts: An array of easily programmable, multi-colored LEDs catches the eye, drawing in potential users. It also alerts maintenance personnel when sanitizer levels are low.
  • Large capacity: Hand sanitizer tank can hold up to 2 liters of alcohol-based gel. The 2-liter tank can be easily refilled on site.
  • Low maintenance: Pumping system ensures no leaks or contamination. The unit is hard-wired to AC power, requiring no batteries.
  • Built to last: Designed, manufactured and assembled in the United States, each Vaask sanitizing fixture is made of cast aluminum and guaranteed for 5 years.


Why Vaask?

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends hand sanitizer over hand washing in common situations, and sanitizer presents an easy and proven option to help prevent the spread of germs.

When Emily Smith, founder of ES Design Group, a Chattanooga-based design firm, learned about Vaask at a trade show in August 2021, she found it to be an appealing fit for her project at Muse. Vaask’s ethos merges safety and design, and it resonated with the design firm’s focus – combining innovation and modern appeal with functionality.

“Vaask is the first company to address the germ problem in an elegant way,” Smith said. “While everyone else is producing plastic jugs, Vaask decided to bring (a solution) into the 21st century.”

Vaask Color Options.

Aesthetic integration

In addition to providing a permanent hand hygiene solution, Vaask fixtures can seamlessly coordinate with the aesthetics of any building. From matte, glossy or plated metal finishes to custom colors and graphics, the faceplate can be customized to suit any surrounding.

The fixtures at Muse are black with powder coated finishes, harmonizing well with the Airbnb hotel’s sleek interiors.

“Vaask faceplates are a blank canvas,” Vaask founder Jon Olsen said. “They can reflect any finish, colors or designs. The possibilities are endless.”

Want Vaask in your space? Download the spec package.