Commercial appliances powered by propane offer significant advantages over other fuel sources. Greater performance, lower emissions, and increased efficiency are just some of the benefits. This site is a great resource to learn more about propane’s comfort and performance for businesses and commercial properties, such as:

Restaurants and Retail:
The cost of energy is a major component of operating costs, and business owners can’t risk any downtime or impact on their operations from an unreliable source of energy. Building and renovating with propane appliances can help slash energy costs and deliver the key performance amenities that are vital to their business, keeping their bottom-line top of mind.

Schools and Religious Establishments:
School administrators and religious leaders have enough to worry about with busy weekly schedules, large groups in attendance, and ever-tightening budgets. The last thing they need is to worry about the reliability — or the cost — of their heating. Propane heating can drastically cut down utility bills while utilizing trustworthy systems that ensure the heating won’t fail at an inopportune time.

Hotels and Resorts:
To ensure ongoing comfort and safety for their guests, hotel and resort owners need a fuel that can stand up to every challenge. Building with propane allows them to offer delightful amenities like fire pits and fireplaces that will wow guests — and turn them into regulars. Plus, propane generators won’t let a power outage ruin anyone’s stay.

Apartments and Condos:
Owners and developers of multifamily housing projects know that to remain competitive, they need to offer modern and attractive amenities that set their units apart. And they need to keep utility bills low to ensure they retain their residents. Building with propane provides multifamily owners with a smart energy choice that makes their units marketable and appealing.


Build anywhere, without sacrifices

For commercial construction pros and building and business owners, there’s no simpler way to describe the promise of propane. It allows you to construct your buildings with first-rate amenities regardless of where they are located.

Propane offers the same performance characteristics as natural gas. It’s a smart, efficient, and environmentally friendly choice for a building’s major energy applications, and it’s an abundant, domestically produced source of energy. And because it’s stored on site, it’s not limited to locations accessible by the natural gas grid.


Real-World Success

“The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Propane Applications” brings together five outstanding examples of companies and organizations that refused to compromise. From a ski resort in Vermont that used propane to open a water park that runs even in the coldest months of winter to healthcare facilities in Texas that used propane to design their sophisticated, efficient HVAC systems, these stories provide inspiration and education on all that propane has to offer in commercial settings.

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Solutions for Commercial Buildings

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