Pritzker Prize winner Richard Meier revealed today a new collection of household objects that he designed for When Objects Work, a Belgian design firm. Included in the product line—cocktail glasses which, with their prominent white grids, echo his built work.

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Meier’s go-to color is also featured in a white marble tray.

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But proving he can his push his palette just a little bit, he gives us silver candleholders and, just in time for Halloween, a bonbonnière, which is sure to impress design-savvy trick-or-treaters.

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Whether it’s shoes from Zaha Hadid or jewelry from Frank Gehry, my first, and wholly unfair reaction, when exceptional architects branch out like this to consumer products is “sell out”—an act akin to a great composer writing a jingle to sell soap.

But then I remember how hard it is to actually make a living as an architect—and I think more power to those who can leverage/license their name (and sometimes even their design skills) to create affordable, occasionally even attractive items.

What does Meier himself, who has designed hundreds of products over his career, from watches to furniture to a champagne case for Dom Perignon, have to say about his latest efforts?

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"The inspiration behind this collection is the cross-section between beauty and functionality," said Meier. "Architecture is art, but it has to be functional. Objects should carry the same philosophy. They should work perfectly in all environments, be useful yet elegant, and help to create a sense of event."

The products will be available online and at select stores worldwide.