Before Architectural Record had this blog, it had “From the Field,” an online journal for the editors to “jot our experiences and thoughts down, even from the road,” according to former editor in chief Robert Ivy. Basically, it was a blog before we had the technology available to really have one.

Below I have included links to that section, now buried on our site, that will direct you to the stories of the Record editors who were home (Record’s editorial offices are based in Manhattan) or away on 9/11, including Ivy’s harrowing description of witnessing the second plane hit the towers while on a high floor of a nearby office building. The stories simply serve as a snapshot of that day from the perspective of architectural journalists.

A bit of background.

Ten years ago, on the morning of September 11th, then Editor in Chief Robert Ivy, along with several members of the Record editorial staff and outside guests, were attending a meeting at 55 Water Street in the Standard & Poors conference center. The rest of the editorial staff were to arrive around 10:00, but never made it downtown. Later that day, the entire team was going to visit the Statue of Liberty together and end with a meal at South Street Seaport. 

The accounts:

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Debris flies toward the 37th floor conference room of 55 Water Street, where several members of the Record staff were meeting. Photo by former managing editor Ingrid Spencer.

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The view after Record staff watched the second plane hit. Photo by former managing editor Ingrid Spencer.

Former Editor in Chief Robert Ivy's account of witnessing the Twin Tower attacks  …and what happened to him in the days after.


Deputy Editor Clifford Pearson on seeing Ground Zero for the first time from the air

Former Special Sections Editor William Weathersby Jr.’s account of hearing the news while in Stockholm

My experience evacuating Manhattan that day

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Queens residents walking back home over 59th Street bridge after the attacks. Photo by Rita Catinella Orrell.

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A view of the smoke from Ground Zero while walking over the 59th St. bridge after the attacks. Photo by Rita Catinella Orrell.

Former Deputy Editor Charles Linn on being in Venice the day of the attacks

Former Senior Editor Deborah Snoonian’s account from Brooklyn