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There's a new user-based resource for posting, sharing, and signing up for architecture and design workshops: Design Workshops is currently in beta mode, but creators 
Melissa Woolford, Heather Picov, and Dominique Gonfard hope for widespread use and are working on enabling the site to process payments from workshop participants.
With an Architizer-ish set-up, anyone can become a member of the site and post an upcoming workshop. Workshop participants can add videos, images, and commentary to the workshops after they've occurred. "While the academy is decentralizing, it is important to record workshops and collect and collate the research that is being done to help foster connections and for knowledge to be accessed and shared more readily," Woolford wrote in an email. 

Woolford and Picov work for Nous Collaborative, a London-based architecture and design consultancy. Gonfard is the co-founder of Lerival, a furniture company. 

The spark for the site came from an exhibition Nous Collaborative curated in 2010 – "Spontaneous Schooling." Work and research from 84 workshops worldwide was exhibited. "A publication was created in which we asked 10 questions to all of the workshop tutors," says the Design Workshop website. "By comparing and reviewing the different processes, methodologies, outcomes, and experiences, we were able to talk about and understand the importance of workshops as never before." 

Sample workshop page:

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