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Photo from World Architecture News

In June, we wrote about architects of the Olympic Park in London who were grappling with the pubicity clamp-down imposed on them by the Olympic Delivery Authority: they couldn't promote their designs for the Park unless they were "third tier sponsors."

The Games are now well underway and Peter Murray, chairman of New London Architecture, continues to protest on behalf of those architects, including Make Architects and Hawkins\Brown, by wearing a t-shirt bearing the names of all of the firms who had a hand in designing the Park. Murray told World Architecture News: "I wore the T shirt to the Creative Industries Summit yesterday and confronted Ed Vaizey Minister for Culture with it, as well as to a reception in the evening at the Royal Academy with the Duchess of Cambridge (she didn't notice!). The campaign seems to be having some effect on Government opinion.”

Hopefully opinion is affected before Rio 2016.