The University of Wisconsin School of Architecture and Urban Planning has given its 2013 Urban Edge award to New Yorkers Michael Manfredi and Marion Weiss. As the winners, the duo has curated a day-long symposium on new approaches to infrastructure that will take place in Milwaukee on Friday, April 5. Weiss and Manfredi will deliver a keynote talk, and the lineup also includes panelists ranging from ecosystems expert Paul Mankiewicz and engineer Mahadev Raman to artist Mary Miss and curator David van der Leer.

Read the full schedule below and visit the school's website for more information: Urban Edge Symposium

Urban Edge Symposium

Dean Robert Greenstreet
Chair Jim Wasley

Repositioning Infrastructure
Eric Bunge
Paul Mankiewicz
Anuradha Mathur
Mahadev Raman
Grace La (respondent)

Infrastructure: Unseen Futures
David van der Leer
Mary Miss
Keller Easterling
Kyle Reynolds (respondent)

Evolutionary Infrastructure: Keynote Lecture
Michael Manfredi and Marion Weiss

Pictured: Weiss/Manfredi's Brooklyn Botanic Garden Visitor Center