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Alberto Alarcon Alberto Alarcon
Architectural Marketing Manager

Alberto Alarcon is the Architectural Marketing Manager in the Advanced Interlayer Solutions Division of Kuraray, where he oversees the Northeast Coast of the US. In addition, he also leads the global marketing communications for the AIS division, balancing his responsibilities with a dedication to both local and international markets. With more than 17 years of experience in the glass industry, his journey spans commercial and consulting roles across Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and the United States. Alberto is an expert in helping Architects, Designers, Facade Consultants, and Engineers to enhance the performance of architectural glass in facades, structures, and other applications, with a focus on acoustics, aesthetics, structural, and safety requirements. His expertise includes advanced design of building facade elements, structural glass, sealants, and interlayers. Alberto is an active member of the Marketing Committee of the Facade Tectonics Institute and contributes significantly to the institute's initiatives.