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Mike M Moore

Mike M. Moore
Owner / Design Principal
tres birds workshop

Mike’s formal education in the fine arts, natural sciences, and architecture, has formed him into an interdisciplinary thinker and maker. Mike has been an artist his whole life and has 30 years’ experience in architecture and construction, which he began as a lead carpenter building custom homes in the Oakland hills and Colorado’s western slope before committing to a career in architecture. During and after architecture graduate school at the University of Colorado - Denver, Mike worked for Jim Logan Architects where he was the lead project manager on nine large scale sustainable design projects. Jim Logan passed much of his 30 years of carbon neutral building research and design experience on to Mike in their five years of working together. In 2000, Mike founded tres birds workshop where he is the design principal and Licensed General Contractor. The firm is dedicated to designing and building architecture that is sustainable and promotes sensory awareness. Its work has been defined as innovative and proof that nature is science. tres birds workshop has now completed the design and build of 88 projects in four countries. Mike has brought to bear a new synthesis of natural systems, art, and architecture in every project tres birds workshop takes on.