From September 24 to 29, 2007, Habitat Valencia Forward showed off products that were as lively and colorful as the Spanish port city that played host. Local designers were among the top talents and emerging stars, as were neighbors from Barcelona and the Basque provinces. - Josephine Minutillo

Circle in a square
The rectilinear lines of the top and front of Nube, a new chair from Stua, are in sharp contrast to the comfy, curvy seat nestled within. Those curves are exposed from the back and sides, and the contrast is made greater by the different colors of the upholstery, one for the flat surfaces, and one for the curved surfaces. The frame is made of solid chromed steel. Stua, Astigarraga, Spain.


Two halves make a whole
Designed by Edoardo Gherardi, Una is a chair in multi-layer walnut. The design begins at the front leg as a single piece of wood, which curves upward to form the seat before uncoupling at the back. Half of the wood’s thickness continues upward to form the seat back, while the other half curves down to form the other leg. Désirée, Tezze di Piave, Italy.



An indoor garden
Valencia native Javier Mariscal is known for his playful designs. His latest creation for Nanimarquina, a Spanish rug and accessories line which recently celebrated its twentieth anniversary, is a series of colorful children’s rugs called Bichos y Flores, which translates to Bugs and Flowers. Available in red, orange, pistachio, and pink, the rug is made from 100 percent hand-tufted New Zealand wool. Nanimarquina, Barcelona, Spain.


Riding the wave
Andreu Berenguer’s design for Cosmo, a poolside lounge chair, was inspired by the rhythmic behavior of water. It is made from a .4" thick polyester resin reinforced with fiberglass and measures about 6 ½ feet long. The chair and its matching side table are available in several colors with a highly polished finish. Teys, Valencia, Spain.