For our eighth annual selection of the world’s top emerging designers, RECORD finds a diverse group of firms that are committed to making architecture count.
Looking at this year’s Design Vanguard winners, the first things you notice are the graceful lines and intriguing forms of the built work. You think: accomplished, thoughtful, pleasing. But dig a little deeper, and you’ll discover that this year’s group of 10 emerging designers is doing more than just making appealing architecture. Without a lot of fanfare or noise, these practitioners are engaging with issues larger than just form-making and are addressing audiences beyond the world of architects.
Studio Pei-Zhu

Studio Pei-Zhu
Studio Pei-Zhu commits to an energetic urbanism in modern China.

Photo: © Courtesy Studio Pei-Zhu

Levin Betts Studio

Leven Betts Studio
Leven Betts Studio crafts its project-specific solutions at a variety of scales.

Photo: © Michael Moran


estudio.entresitio reinterprets Spanish traditions with a sensitive touch.

Photo: © Raúl Belinchón

Höweler + Yoon

Höweler + Yoon
Höweler + Yoon blurs edges between art and architecture with digital aplomb.

Photo: Courtesy Höweler + Yoon

InterActiveCorp Headquarters

Moongyu Choi+GaA Architects
Moongyu Choi+GaA Architects stacks the deck with multi-layered designs.

Photo: © Yongkwan Kim

The Gardiner Museum

Tatiana Bilbao
Tatiana Bilbao, an early urban advocate, seeks an inclusive audience.

Photo: © Max Von Werz

The Gardiner Museum

Sebastian Mariscal
Sebastian Mariscal mixes design with business and social responsibility.

Photo: Courtesy Sebastian Mariscal Studio

The Gardiner Museum

Sou Fujimoto
Sou Fujimoto fractures plans and sections while bringing together people.

Photo: © Daici Ano

The Gardiner Museum

BROISSINarchitects blazes a trail for the next generation of Mexican architects.

Photo: © Paul Czitrom

The Gardiner Museum

Atelier Kempe Thill
Atelier Kempe Thill finds ways to bring together continuity and innovation.

Photo: © Ultich Schwarz