Before architect Esther Tattoli intervened, the sumptuous second-floor flat of an Art Nouveau building in the Southern Italian town of Corato was in a state of disrepair. Painted ceilings depicting organic motifs had succumbed to water and mold damage. The embellished stucco walls, patterned floor tiles, and gold leaf detailing (featured most prominently in a small chapel, seen here through the remodeled entry parlor), were also in need of refurbishment. “The goal was to reconcile the historic nature of the space with the functional requirements of a modern residence,” says the Corato-based architect. So the design team restored the ornamental elements to their original luster and transformed the interior by reorganizing the program, updating the lighting and installing energy-efficient elements such as solar panels on the roof. In conjunction with the client’s contemporary furnishings—including a dramatic blue Edra sofa and gold-coated vases in the foyer—the renovation accentuates a contrast between old and new and, says Tattoli, “traces the threads of a new history.”