Hong Kong

Located in the Tuen Mun district of Hong Kong, EcoPark is one element in the government’s strategy to promote and support local industries that engage in environmentally conscious activities. So the Administration Building near the entrance to 20-hectare industrial park needed to embody the ecological ideals of the overall development. As designed by Aedas, the 2,500-square-meter building expresses a 21st-century green sensibility, while recalling traditional Chinese attitudes toward nature.

The Administration Building takes the form of a concave curve wrapping around a quiet outdoor space designed to evoke a traditional Chinese garden. The building’s C-shaped plan creates the impression of a pair of “open arms” that enclose the garden while welcoming visitors and workers. The building serves a number of different functions—providing space for offices, support services, a visitor/education center, a product gallery and meeting rooms. The product gallery sits at the end of one of the building’s arms, connected to the rest of the structure but with its own identity.

Sustainability is at the heart of the project and Aedas incorporated a number of green design strategies in the building. For example, a large louvered canopy sits above a green roof, shading the building mass and creating a strong iconic element that unifies the design. The architects also used recycled materials, such as repurposed content in the concrete and polymer products. Light funnels bring daylight deep into the building interiors, reducing the need for electric lighting, while regionally sourced terra-cotta louvers protect the extensively glazed facade looking onto the central garden.

In addition to its mission as a model of ecologically friendly design, the building makes itself accessible to everyone. An internal ramp that runs along the perimeter of the garden eliminates the need for disabled people to worry about stairs.