Japan is the first country other than the United States to claim a MoMA Design Store. The 4,700-square-foot Museum of Modern Art retail space is situated on the third floor of Tokyo’s MVRDV-designed GYRE commercial development. GYRE, also known as The Swirl, is a seven-level composition of long box-like shapes that appear to be twisted around a vertical axis. Located along Tokyo’s Omotesando and Kyu Shibuya River Promenade, GYRE houses Chanel, Bulgari and other high-end boutiques and restaurants.

The MoMA Design Store’s orientation within the GYRE complex is formed to the non-orthogonal space. The store’s distinctive interior, designed in conjunction with 2X4 Inc., features a moiré graphic scheme printed onto glass walls that enclose the space. Flanking steel walls frame two main zones within the store: one for tall shelving fixtures and the other for a field of movable small display fixtures that are mounted onto tracks. The customized fixture track system allows for flexibility and various display configurations within the zone, and can be moved aside to open the space for special events.

Bent steel frames plasterboard to create the cashier area, which sits fore [in front of] a volume that houses a storage area. A nook for hikidemono, or the wedding registry, is tucked behind the cashier station.


MoMA Design Store, Tokyo

Gluckman Mayner Architects
250 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10013
Phone 212.929.0100
Fax 212.929.0833

Personnel in architect's firm who should receive special credit:
Principal Architect: Richard Gluckman, FAIA

Project Architect: Edowa Shimizu

Design Team: Doel Fresse, Eunkyung Kim

General contractor:
Nomura Co., Ltd (Local Architect and Construction Manager)
Tokyo, Japan

Architects: Masatoshi Chiba, Atsuko Shimura

Construction Managers: Kenji Azuma, Shigehito Katsumata, Shinichi Numajiri

Environmental Design: 2x4, New York, NY – Michael Rock, Lee Moreau,  Sigrid Holt www.twoxfour.net  

Lighting: Daiko Lighting www.lighting-daiko.co.jp  

© Yasuhito Yagi



Interior finishes:
Cabinetworks and custom woodwork:
Custom Fabrication by Nomura Co., Ltd.

Custom Wall displays, P.O.S. Stations, Tall fixtures: painted stainless Steel with glass displays

Custom Low fixtures: Corian and Lacquer-finished MDF

Wedding Salon: Painted Stainless Steel, Painted MDF, Back painted glass

Special surfacing:
Floor tile: ceramic tile, at entry – Dinaone rubber tile throughout store – Rubbertech

Carpet: wedding salon floor – Sincol

Interior ambient lighting: Daiko Lighting

Downlights:  Daiko Lighting www.lighting-daiko.co.jp 

Task lighting:  Nippo Lighting
Exterior: Signage: Custom LED Signage by Nomura Co., Ltd

Controls:Daiko Lighting

Add any additional building components or special equipment that made a significant contribution to this project:
Nomura Co., Ltd, custom fabricated special track system for operable low fixtures, which allowed flexibility for various displays configurations as well as the ability to move them aside for special events. This system was devised in close collaboration between Gluckman Mayner Architects and Nomura Co., Ltd.   

2x4, inc. provided overall environmental graphics for the entire store. Graphic adhesive film on laminated glass and LED/acrylic suspended letters for exterior signage. Fabrication by Nomura Co., Ltd.

Monitors and Projectors: Sanyo Denki Hanbai