Australian designer Tom Fereday collaborated with leading Italian manufacturers on the SP01 Outdoor series of furniture, distributed in the United States by Modern Principle. Designed to withstand the intense ocean and wind exposure of the Australian outdoors, durability is paramount, and all pieces undergo rigorous 1,500-hour salt-mist testing.

“The conditions on the coast of Australia are much tougher than [those] you typically encounter in most parts of the U.S. and the rest of the world,” explains Matt Lorrain, creative director for SP01. “Our salt-mist test is about twice [as thorough as] what the auto industry does.”

Made up of pared-back elements whose fine lines belie the collection’s toughness, the collection is characterized by bent metal wire mixed with a natural palette of marble and FSC-certified timber. The line includes three chairs, a stool, and three tables, available in five powder-coated colors: black, salmon, blue, green, and white. All the furniture in SP01’s outdoor launch has been given the GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) rating.

“In Australia, our environments tend to blend indoor and outdoor spaces freely, with more flexibility between the two. This collection reflects that lifestyle,” says Fereday. “Each piece is incredibly durable yet is beautiful enough to stand on its own within an interior.”