In this Manhattan office building, Anita Jorgensen Lighting Design, working with STUDIOS Architecture, juxtaposes a contemporary aesthetic with pre-war details for an ethereal meeting of design eras.

In geometric counterpoint to the rectangular ceiling coffers, a series of large circular LED pendants with direct and indirect light distribution provide ambient illumination along the length of the lobby. Above the reception desk, a custom chandelier performs double duty as a focal point and a source of light. This installation is composed of 162 OLEDs, with their color temperature tuned to match that of the overhead luminaires. Each OLED, a three-inch diameter circle attached to a white wire stem, shines glare- and shadow-free over the work station.

In contrast with these dramatic fixtures, the designers integrated some softer lighting eff ects into the project. Concealed LED cove lighting washes the back-painted frosted glass wall behind the reception desk, and LED ribbon lights delicately defi ne the base of the desk, creating the illusion that the furnishing is floating above the floor.