On this weekend's episode of CBS This Morning: Saturday, co-host Anthony Mason spoke with Dallas Morning News architecture critic Mark Lamster about Philip Johnson and Lamster's new biography of the architect.

The 6-minute segment takes a closer look at Johnson's ties to fascism and Nazi politics. "He threw away his career as a curator to try and become this fascist politician," Lamster, a RECORD contributor, tells CBS. "It's a terrible moment in his history."

The depth of the late American architect's fascist period is "the revelation of Lamster's book," says Mason. Architecture critic Paul Goldberger, another RECORD contributor featured in the segment, agrees. "Mark did find out that it was a little more extensive and a little longer lasting than people had thought," says Goldberger, who chairs the advisory council of The Glass House in New Canaan, Connecticut. "It's important to know that."

Watch the segment below, and read our review of the The Man in the Glass House: Philip Johnson, Architect of the Modern Century.

Video courtesy CBS