An upper section of an 18-story hotel under construction in New Orleans partially collapsed on Saturday, October 12, killing at least two and injuring eighteen. One other person at the site remained unaccounted for as of Sunday evening, according to officials.

The accident occurred Saturday morning, when the unfinished upper floors of the New Orleans Hard Rock Hotel partially collapsed, appearing to pancake along the perimeter of the structure. The planned 350-room hotel is located at the corner of Rampart St. and Canal St., on the edge of New Orleans’ French Quarter. 

The hotel’s design features an 11-story tower set back atop a seven-story podium. The structural failure appeared to be originate in the upper floors of the setback section of the hotel. Amateur videos of the collapse show portions of the top concrete floor slabs collapsing, sending debris into the streets and damaging a tower crane at the site. 

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