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These finishes and furnishings were developed to promote healing and well-being. Read about new products from Construction Specialties, CoeLux, Sherwin-Williams, Herman Miller, Allseating, AS Hanging Display Systems, Designtex, Draper, and Fil Doux Textiles.


Acrovyn, by Design Tapestry Collection

Acrovyn by Design Tapestry.

Developed to provide architects and designers with more creative choice, Tapestry is an impact-resistant engineered composite that clads and protects walls and doors. Offered in a wide range of earthy colors and nature-inspired patterns, the new collection has an artisanal look and complements many existing Acrovyn-series products. The sheets are produced with a thickness of 0.40".

CoeLux LS Array

CoeLux LS Array.

New to the CoeLux family of faux skylights, LS Array is an elongated, recessed LED panel halved by a muntin-simulating bar, set into the ceiling, and combined with additional units to illuminate long corridors. A sophisticated lighting program creates the illusion of sunlight, blue skies, and shadows throughout the day. The resulting realistic scenes are well suited to windowless facilities, potentially aiding in patients’ healing processes.

Paint Shield

Sherwin-Williams Paint Shield.

Sherwin-Williams developed the first EPA-registered microbicidal paint for hard, nonporous surfaces like walls, doors, ceilings, and trim. Intended as a supplement to, not a replacement for, infection-control and cleaning regimens, Paint Sheild kills 99.9% of five pathogens, including staph and E. coli, within two hours of exposure.

Commend Nurses Station

Commend Nurses Station.

The Commend system has the look and feel of high-end custom millwork but is actually a prefabricated kit of parts offering convenience, fast installation, and visual cohesion across facilities. These high-performance team hubs come in four configurations, with customizable options such as a linear unit with a Corian transaction top, a corner unit with glass screening, and a U-shaped station divided by a central work-surface peninsula.

Exchange Recovery Pod

Exchange Recovery Pod.

Allseating designed this partially screened chaise longue with the current crisis as well as the needs of triage and health-care facilities in mind. The upholstery is health-care- and contract-rated faux leather that is available in a wide range of colors. The multipurpose pods can be used for emergency recovery or reconfigured as seating for waiting areas and staff lounges.

COVID-19 Protection Kit

AS Hanging Display Systems kit.

Practical for pandemic-related retrofits, this AS Hanging Display Systems kit suspends a barrier between people in front of and behind a transaction desk. Adapted from existing hardware, the system includes cables, fasteners, hanging rail or fixed piers, and ½"-thick plexiglass or other acrylic sheeting. (The existing ceiling and choice of sheet material affect which hardware is applicable.)

Designtex Celliant

Designtex Celliant.

This seating upholstery backing is composed of thermo-reactive materials that absorb heat emitted by the human body and convert it to infrared energy, which is clinically proven to speed up recovery. A person can potentially experience this cell oxygenation and improved circulation within minutes of sitting.

IntelliFlex I/O

IntelliFlex IO Shades.

Recently expanded to include automation by a sensor or building-management system, Draper’s IntelliFlex I/O motorized roller shades eliminate the need for touching controls or switches. They are made with Phifer SheerWeave textiles, said to be free of harmful chemicals, and treated to inhibit stains, odors, and deterioration.

Moody Blues

Otratex Upholstery.

This Otratex upholstery—a degradable alternative to vinyl—has the “hand” of residential fabrics while meeting stringent health-care requirements, thanks to Pro-Tech Plus, a textile protectant that withstands industrial-grade cleaners such as bleach. The collection’s palette consists of 18 blue hues.