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Advanced ceiling and wall materials transcend typical aesthetic and performance standards.


Reed Wall Panel

Reed Wall Panel.

A customizable acoustic panel from Turf Design, Reed sports a fluted texture that can be installed with the pattern flowing horizontally, vertically, or bidirectionally to create a subtle graphic ground. It is composed of 60% pre-consumer recycled content in a choice of 30 colorways, achieves an NRC rating of 0.92, and comes in 12" or 24" widths, and heights of 24" to 120".

Formica Laminate Woodgrains

Formica Laminate Woodgrains.

Responding to current trends in modern commercial and nature-influenced design, Formica has updated its line of simulated-wood laminates with 16 new timber looks. The palette, aimed at creating a warmer atmosphere, includes more neutral tones and variations of whites, grays, and browns with grain patterns that reference such species of wood as elm, oak, and ash, among others. These laminates can be applied both vertically and horizontally.


Arktura Ceiling System.

This Arktura ceiling and wall torsion-spring panel system comprises four micro-perforated patterns that lend texture as well as a dramatic effect when backlit. The patterns include two different staggered linear perforations, a cloudlike design of diffused perforations, and a subtle checkerboard design. Custom color and acoustic backers are available.

VidaShield UV24

VidaShield UV24.

This Armstrong product builds on the manufacturer’s 24/7 Defend portfolio of integrated technologies geared toward creating healthier environments. VidaShield UV24 is a 2' x 4' in-ceiling unit that draws air into a self-contained and sealed chamber where UV-C purification neutralizes 97% of the infectious pathogens found in the air, reducing the risk of virus transmission indoors.


Dwellings Wall Covering.

Designer Jill Malek was inspired by the organic habitats that animals construct—think coral reef or cocoon—when she created this commercial-grade wallcovering collection of four non-repeating textured patterns that evoke such dwellings. All four are customizable in scale, with the option of adding dimensional felt accents, sewn by hand.

Duo Baffles

Duo Baffles.

Unika Vaev’s latest acoustic-baffle system consists of two-layer single-color designs that achieve an NRC rating of approximately 0.75 when spaced 8" apart. Eight patterns, offered in 11 colorways, play with positive and negative space, resulting in a convex and concave pairing of shapes—from undulating waves to repeating octagons.

Grada and Quadra

Grada and Quadra.

Known for its veneers, made mostly of reconstituted wood, ALPI has added two graphic patterns designed by Patricia Urquiola. Quadra sports traditional gridlines with single-color squares, while Grada has shifting hues that add rhythmic movement. Both are well suited to walls.

Living Well

Living Well Paint.

Sherwin-Williams’s Living Well paints comprise two products: SuperPaint with Sanitizing Technology delivers ongoing antibacterial properties, said to kill certain bacteria on the painted surface, while SuperPaint with Air Purifying Technology helps reduce VOCs and breaks down odors for better air quality. A total of 11 color palettes are available.

New Durapalm Panels

Durapalm Panels.

Smith & Fong has launched six new exotic carved designs for its Durapalm line of wall and ceiling panels. Like their predecessors, these panels utilize materials sourced from a mix of palm-tree species, the majority being sugar and coconut. The Class C fire-rated panels measure 47¾" wide by 95¾" tall with a thickness of ¾".