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The new ceramic and porcelain surfaces presented in September at Bologna’s annual Italian tile-fest continue to explore the illusion of stone, concrete, and timber.


WIDEgres280 Onice Effect

WIDEgres280 Onice Effect.

Ceramiche Coem has expanded its large-slab WIDEgres280 line with realistic stone simulations, including onyx (onice in Italian). The dramatic 6mm-thick Onice Effect is offered in three colorways—Jade Green, Cloudy Grey, and Deep Dark—and a 48"-square size. The Jade Green also comes in 48" x 110".

Unionstone 2

Unionstone 2.

A follow-up to Ceramica Sant’Agostino’s existing Unionstone series, the sequel continues to home in on natural stones other than the ubiquitous marble. The rectified tiles come in four varieties, each in three sizes
—36" square, 24" square, and 12" x 24"—plus a 12" mosaic format and a striated-texture version in two sizes.

Nature Mood Hexagon

Nature Mood Hexagon.

Florim’s Nature Mood porcelain collection includes timber-look planks as well as preset coordinating decorative shapes: Hexagon, French Herringbone, Chevron, Stripes, and Strip. The Hexagon design is really a triad of hexes juxtaposed in a single approximately 235/8"-square tile, and combines three different plank colors.


Volume Wall Tile.

A textured wall-tile collection from Ceramica Bardelli, Volume consists of four “retro-mod” bas-relief modules, ranging in thickness from 8mm to 18mm, and one flat tile that acts as a spacer. All of these come in a 4" x 15¾" format in a choice of six colors: white, black, Sand, Midnight Blue, Octane Green, and Cool Gray.

Cooking Surface Prime

Cooking Surface Prime.

A follow-up to ABK Stone’s innovative cooktop counter, this sintered-slab surface with integrated induction range now withstands the elements for alfresco entertaining. The outdoor version offers a choice of three or four heating elements marked by discreet etchings. A wide range of slab options are available.


Chromatica Porcelain Collection.

A new porcelain collection from Naxos, Chromatica mimics the look of concrete in fashionable colors and decorative patterns. Shown here is Lago (back wall), a grayish teal blue, and Tide (foreground), an undulating wave pattern that combines Lago with neutral tones. Both the solid and patterned 7mm-thick tiles measure 15¾" x 40".


Riggiole Tile.

A modern update to traditional patchwork-style tiles, Fioranese Ceramica’s Riggiole sports a range of graphics in a black-and-white palette. Architects can mix and match 72 patterns and play with scale. Tiles are nearly 8" square, 32 of the designs are scaled up for an 11¾" format, and seven are jumbo scaled in a 35½" size.


Mindwalk Porcelain Tile.

This Pastorelli series takes inspiration from Japanese kintsugi, which mends breaks in pottery with lacquer or metallic powders to make the breakage part of the overall design. In this large-scale porcelain tile, the “cracks” are filled with wood-look inlay. Five formats up to 47¼" square are available.


Crush Tile.

Leonardo’s through-body Crush evokes the rough industrial concrete characteristic of Brutalist architecture. This effect is achieved by crushing together raw materials without the addition of glazes or digital decoration. Offered with a flat surface or textured grid, the tiles come in four neutral hues and four sizes up to 47¼” square.