Grimshaw and Gruen are officially tapped to design the $4.15 million master plan for Union Station and the surrounding area.
Photo courtesy Metro
LA Metro has hired Grimshaw and Gruen to design a master plan for Union Station and the surrounding area.

It’s official: Grimshaw Architects and Gruen Associates will design the master plan for Union Station and the 40 acres surrounding it. The board of directors for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority voted today to award a contract not exceeding $4.15 million to London-based Grimshaw and LA-based Gruen—one of six final teams that were vying for the high-profile commission.

The plan is meant to revitalize the area while also preparing the historic train station for future growth of the region’s transit system. In a prepared statement, Metro emphasized that “while there will be no detailed architectural design involved with the master plan, Grimshaw is expected to bring architectural vision to the process.”

Metro expects the scheme to be completed by the summer of 2014. The first step will be to solicit input from local residents, particularly those living in Little Tokyo, Chinatown, Boyle Heights, and El Pueblo.

“Union Station is a beloved Los Angeles icon that has played a vital role in our city’s history,” said L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Metro board chair. “Now it is time to get it ready for its future as the centerpiece of our burgeoning regional transit system. Union Station has gone from handling 7,000 riders a day in its heyday during World War II to over 70,000 today. The future will bring thousands more to its doors.”