A coalition of 23 construction organizations has endorsed a new document meant to aid project teams on green-building projects.

The “ConsensusDOCS 310 Green Building Addendum,” released on November 11, is intended to define, clarify, and establish the relative roles and responsibilities needed to successfully deliver a green-building project, explains Brian M. Perlberg, executive director and senior counsel with Virginia-based ConsensusDOCS.

Founded in 2007, ConsensusDOCS is a national coalition of associations representing diverse interests in the construction industry, such as designers, owners, contractors, subcontractors and surety professionals. The groups work together to develop and promote standard-form construction contracts.

The new green-building document identifies the participants' roles and responsibilities while creating a new central role for a green-building facilitator: a person or entity charged with identifying, coordinating, and implementing documentation to achieve the project's sustainability goals.

Perlberg says the drafters "made a very conscious effort to make the document neutral." While it's likely the majority of users will be seeking LEED certification, it is designed to work with other third-party certifications or when an owner wants to meet its own independent green goals.

The document can be appended to any standard or non-standard contract document, including those produced by the AIA.