Pedras Salgadas Park, Portugal

Luis Rebelo de Andrade And Tiago Rebelo de Andrade


Tree Snake House
Photo © Ricardo Oliveira Alves

After winning a competition to revitalize Pedras Salgadas Park, a 1920s-era hot springs resort in northern Portugal, architect Tiago Rebelo de Andrade and his father, Luis, decided to create a grown-up take on a typical father-son structure: the tree house. “We always dreamed about doing this,” says Tiago. “It was also important to create an innovative form.” For that they chose a bridge, which evolved into a bold serpentine shape. The architects built two slate-clad modular hotel rooms—dubbed Tree Snake Houses—on steel columns to minimize the impact on the landscape. Each gangway terminates in a cozy suite where resort-goers can unwind amid centuries-old trees—no secret passwords required.