Dear friends:

Although recent months have brought strong economic challenges, today we’re celebrating. Architectural Record has been publishing continuously for 120 years, and we’re toasting the next 120.

In the face of tough economic times, strong media brands are evolving—just like the top architecture firms and product manufacturers—so we have reason to look forward with enthusiasm and confidence. We’re here to stay—while remaining true to our core principles.

Laura Viscusi Vice President, Integrated Media, McGraw-Hill Construction Publisher, Architectural Record (left); Robert Ivy, FAIA, Vice President, Editorial Director, Editor-In-Chief, Architectural Record (right)
Photography ' Steffen Thalemann (left), Andrè Souroujon (right)
Laura Viscusi, vice president, Integrated Media, McGraw-Hill Construction / Publisher, Architectural Record (left); Robert Ivy, FAIA, Vice President, Editorial Director, McGraw-Hill Construction / Editor-In-Chief, Architectural Record (right).

We also share reasons to look back with pride and recall how we got to where we are. Architectural Record endured—and prevailed—for more than a century through our unbroken commitment to our readers and their practices, as well as our affinity for our advertisers’ missions.

More than that, we’re embedded in the profession. Our staff of skilled architects and other experienced editors (the best in the business), including FAIA and LEED AP editors, and our continual engagement with architectural leaders have led to a high level of reciprocal commitment. A brand-new study of the profession—not just Architectural Record readers— showed 93 percent of people in the field engaging with our magazine.

There’s another link between our success and yours: Our shared independence of spirit. That’s how innovation happens in architecture. We vow to remain true to that independent spirit, as all the world’s best journalistic enterprises do. This shared quality creates brands that survive, prosper, and grow.

Independence and an unwavering commitment to the profession have built our magazine into what it is today.

With McGraw-Hill Construction, we offer a multifaceted media platform addressing the practice, craft, and technology of architecture.

Of course, architects want a beautiful, inspirational publication, too, and that’s what we deliver.

Yet, the profession is changing fast, and we’re adapting and innovating to bring information to our audience in new ways.

We’ll be rolling out new ideas for the next decade—starting in our 121st year—so expect to hear about them soon.

At their core, these new ideas will be connected by the values we believe helped us dig deep and grow: Consistent high quality, independent editorial voice, faith in integrated media, and the core principles of hard work, humility, and customer focus.

We thank you for your loyalty and involvement. We look forward to sharing an exciting ride as we begin our 121st year.

Happy New Year,

Laura Viscusi
Robert Ivy