Our roundup includes techniques and products for preserving, renovating, and restoring. For the latest trends and products, visit the Traditional Building show, held in New Orleans from October 17 to 20.— Rita Catinella Orrell


Curb appeal

Cambridge Architectural’s Facade mesh system was used to visually differentiate the exterior of an apartment building in Washington, D.C., in conjunction with a $21 million renovation of the building, which included a new facade, windows, storefronts, and ventilation system. The mesh system was installed vertically as a backdrop for the large, illuminated 1330 sign on the front of the brick tower. As part of the facade rehab, the metal fabric was embedded directly into the structure. Cambridge Architectural, Cambridge, Md.
www. cambridgearchitectural.com


Historic look of tin

Armstrong’s Metallaire product line features 12 styles of decorative metal ceiling tiles. Offered in five finishes, including brass, copper, chrome, white, and stainless steel, designs are available in 2' x 4' for direct application to an existing ceiling through the use of furring strips, and 2' x 2' for drop-in grid applications. Tiles are priced at approximately $4 to $10 per square foot. Armstrong Building Products, Lancaster, Pa. www.armstrong.com


Reliable fire-stopping

In an effort to get consistency in applications and code compliance on remodeling and renovation work, and as part of the overall risk management and loss prevention strategy for the complex, managers of San Francisco’s Embarcadero Center Complex utilized a Barrier Management Program to assure the reliability of fire and life safety features and systems. The EZ-Path fire-rated pathway (shown) was used for firestopping cable penetrations in the buildings. Specified Technologies, Somerville, N.J. www.stifirestop.com


Not a striptease

Applied by brush, roller, or spray equipment, Smart Strip paint stripper by Peel Away will remove up to 15 layers of architectural and/or industrial coatings from virtually any substrate. A water-based, self-sealing paste, Smart Strip stays wet for 24 hours or longer, softening and separating the coatings beneath. Classified as nonhazardous, Smart Strip is pH neutral, does not contain caustics or toxic chemicals, and has zero VOCs. Dumond Chemicals, New York City. www.dumondchemicals.com