Our roundup this month includes architectural hardware pieces that are meant to be displayed, such as ergonomic door pulls and highly detailed bell pushes, as well as those intended to remain unseen, including sturdy door frames and structural connectors. — Rita Catinella Orrell

Window and door hardware, Italian-style
In recent years, Italian hardware manufacturer Manital has expanded into new markets, including the U.S. and Canada. New from Manital is the Wind door and window handle collection (left), designed by Milan-based architects Maurizio Giordano and Roberto Grossi, featuring a sleek, aerodynamic handle. The Morphos door and window handle series (right), by Milan-based Studio Hot Lab, fuses simple, geometrical shapes, minus the sharp edges. Edge Hardware, Ontario, Canada. www.edgehardware.com

[Reader Service: March 2008 #218]


Tough pocket door frame
The Series 2060 heavy pocket door frame from L.E. Johnson Products accommodates doors weighing up to 300 pounds. The door frame features sturdy, all-steel studs, fabricated from extra-thick, 16-gauge, zinc- coated steel, which measure 11¼4'' deep x 13¼4'' wide. Designed for installation in walls framed with 2 x 6 studs, the frame fits doors ranging from 2' to 5' wide, from 6'8'' to 9' tall, and from 11¼8'' to 21¼4'' thick. A full line of accessories are available for the frame, including privacy locks, door pulls, and a converging door kit to create a double-door opening. L.E. Johnson Products, Elkhart, Ind. www.johnsonhardware.com

[Reader Service: March 2008 #19]


Standard customization
Based on an array of standard components available in countless variations, the Quadrant door-pull family consists of two series including straight and arc-shaped grip options and three standoff designs. Both series feature the same 1'' x 11¼2'' rectangular cross-grip: Series 1000 orients the grip with the narrower 1'' side of the rectangular profile facing outward; Series 1500 orients the grip with the wider 11¼2'' side of the rectangular profile facing outward. The pulls are suitable for interior and exterior use. Forms+Surfaces, Carpinteria, Calif. www.forms-surfaces.com

[Reader Service: March 2008 #220]

Hanging on and holding down
Simpson Strong-Tie introduced several new structural connectors at last month’s International Builders’ Show in Orlando. The configuration of the THJU hip/jack hanger (left) allows it to handle both right and left hand hips. It can be ordered to fit a range of hip skews up to 65 degrees as well as various single- and 2-ply hip/jack combos. The HDU14 (right) is the company’s highest capacity holdown to date, with more than 14,000 pounds of allowable load. Simpson Strong-Tie, Pleasanton, Calif. www.strongtie.com

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