Each month RECORD reviews building product related web sites and blogs that might be of interest to our readership. We visit each site, kick the tires a bit, and share what it is about and how it functions. Please let us know if there is a site you've found particularly useful, well-designed, or easy to navigate. — Rita Catinella Orrell

On its new Web site, Mirror Reflections sells DXF files, templates, and knives compatible with most grinders and molders on the market. Architects and designers looking for molding options can search through the company’s more than 11,000 full-scale, molding-profile choices in the online catalog and buy template-ready DXF files. The site also provides guidance regarding which knives are suited to which types of projects.


In 2003, Alchemy Architects launched the weeHouse concept—cheap, modular, and green residential units that can be reconfigured into 11 different arrangements.The flashy and fun weeHouse site presents the possibilities this sustainable system affords. Currently in the works is a page where you can virtually build and price your own weeHouse. Until then, users can check out the gallery of recently constructed examples.


Structures built from Dynastructure, a tubular framing system from Allied Tube & Conduit, can withstand a 7.3 magnitude earthquake, according to the company’s new Web site. The site offers a 30-second video of a dynastructure system under simulated earthquake conditions to support the claim. Also available for download on the site are spec sheets, case studies, and images of successful structures.


In about three years since its launch, the Ubergizmo blog has become one of the Web’s leading gadget sites. Run by engineer Hubert Nguyen and designer Eliane Fiolet, the site is predominantly geared toward computer gizmos, cell-phone technology, and the like, but occasionally it posts news on solar, transportation, and green products, including a solar-powered billboard and an outdoor bike stand that doubles as an air pump.