Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

Site Size: 43,055 square feet

Project Size: 1,292 square feet

Program: After purchasing a picturesque property on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Landscape Architect Nancy Krieg commissioned a permanent dwelling by Norwegian firm Saunders Architecture. She wanted a Scandinavian-inspired design, with ample space for an art studio, but with a minimal effect on the natural beauty of the site.

Solution: Architect Todd Saunders let the landscape dictate the design. A seasonal brook with three waterfalls bisects the one-acre property, located within a fir forest on the side of Mount Tuam. Saunders positioned two volumes on either side of the creek and its waterfalls, connected by two lightweight aluminum bridges.

The two rectangular structures, clad in dark corrugated steel, enclose parallelogram-shaped living quarters and a studio. The rectangular studio volume is located at the top of the second waterfall, while the house sits below the waterfall's base.

The entrance to the main house opens into a combined kitchen, dining and living area, with an adjacent master bedroom. Next to the entrance is stair that leads to a rooftop terrace. Large parts of the walls are glazed, and a wedge-shaped outdoor porch on the southern side opens to views of the surrounding islands. The atelier features a simple, open floor plan with a terrace on its western side.

Saunders Architecture
Vestre Torggate 22
5015 Bergen
+47 55 36 85 06


Nancy Krieg

Saunders Architecture
Vestre Torggate 22
5015 Bergen
+47 55 36 85 06

Architect of record:
Todd Saunders, c/o Saunders Architecture

Greg Slakov

Jim Helset, Draughtsman

Nancy Krieg, Landscape Architect

Nancy Krieg

General contractor:
Gord Speed Construction

CJ Berg (P 360.318.4133)
Undine Pr'hl (phone 310-3995031)



Structural system
Concrete base + steel / wood frame

Exterior cladding
Metal Panels:
Corrugated steel panels

Interior finishes
Wall coverings:
cedar cladding

Floor and wall tile:
slate floor

Special interior finishes unique to this project:
Giproc + cedar