Program: The architect aimed to convert the former 8-by-11-foot boiler room of a commercial laundry to a guesthouse and potential full-time residence.

Location: San Francisco’s Mission District

Solution: Because of a small interior footprint, the architect changed the volumetric dimensions by increasing the height of the building from 12 to 17 feet and nesting living areas vertically. Overlapping rooms allow a 10-foot-high ceiling in the main living area and a 7-foot-high kitchen on the ground floor. Sunlight illuminates the core of the building thanks to an operable skylight above a glass footbridge, which connects the mezzanine bathroom level to the bedroom loft. The architect activated spaces by building storage into furnishings, such as a hidden compartment for shoes beneath the stair landing and a hinged wraparound headboard that opens to a cabinet. Directly above the kitchen is a 5-foot-wide closet and bureau built into mezzanine wall. The architect completed the space with a sanded acrylic tabletop on a steel base and solid walnut coffee table that doubles as a stool and storage compartment.

Construction and materials: Clad in sheet metal and composition shingles, the wood-framed upper addition sits atop the exposed original brick structure.

Azevedo Design
Christi Azevedo
1477 15th St.
San Francisco, CA 94103


Client/Owner:  Christi Azevedo

Azevedo Design
Christi Azevedo
1477 15th St.
San Francisco, CA 94103

Cesar Rubio,

Cesar Rubio



Structural system
unreinforced masonry

Exterior cladding
Masonry: brick

Metal Panels: custom formed lap siding of Resabond

Built-up roofing: composition shingle

Wood frame: custom

Metal frame: custom

Skylights: velux

Wood doors: custom

Interior finishes
Cabinetwork and custom woodwork: Ikea base cabs.  Other by architect, walnut

Special interior finishes unique to this project:
Sanded acrylic kitchen shelf

Office furniture:  by architect, steel couch with waxed canvas upholstery

Chairs:  waxed canvas cushions on stair landing

By architect, sanded acrylic tabletop on steel base
Solid walnut coffee table