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The second New York City edition of the Architecture & Design Film Festival is happening this week at Tribeca Cinemas. The lineup includes both feature and short films that range from the Zaha Hadid portrait “Lioness Among Lions” to a piece on biophilic design and what promises to be a more nuanced look at the City of Detroit than we’re used to seeing in photos of its urban ruins.
I’m particularly excited about “The Pruitt-Igoe Myth,” which looks at the political and social forces that created and destroyed the notorious St. Louis public housing project—long used as a case study by those who vilify Modernism in civic architecture or public housing in general. I’m also planning to check out contributions from our friends Spirit of Space, as well as “Pool Party,” which charts the gentrification of my Brooklyn neighborhood by focusing on a giant WPA-era swimming pool repurposed as a music venue.
View descriptions of each film and a full schedule on the festival’s website.