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Daniel Libeskind unveiled his new door design for Tre-Piu in New York on Monday.
Photo by Francesca Messina.

Daniel Libeskind unveiled his new collaboration with the Italian door manufacturer Tre-Piu at an event at the manufacturer's showroom in New York City on Monday. Called Idea, the new door is the architect's first entry into product design. "Originally, I designed the door handle, then someone asked me about the door," says Libeskind, a process that was made easier by his good relationship with the manufacturer. An important feature of the door, says Libeskind, is that is offers "significant acoustical properties" as well as integrated LED lighting. The door features an aluminum frame, certified wood, matte or glossy paints, and a handle with a shard-like form reminiscent of some of the architect's project designs.

Product design is
"something that I plan to continue," says Libeskind, who says his son will be working with him out of his firm's Milan office to develop further collaborations. There are several other pieces in the works, including furnishings for Cassina and an auditorium and restaurant chair with Poltrona Frau that were shown at last month's Salone del Mobile. "So many of the auditorium chairs designed by architects are very expensive, but mine will be a lower price point, and more accessible," he said. "And the design is flexible in the way that it folds allows it to be used in several different ways." To see a video of Libeskind talking about his new door design, click here.

Reported by Francesca Messina.