Each month RECORD reviews building product related web sites and blogs that might be of interest to our readership. We visit each site, kick the tires a bit, and share what it is about and how it functions. Please let us know if there is a site you've found particularly useful, well-designed, or easy to navigate. — Rita Catinella Orrell


Windows have an enormous effect on the overall energy performance of a home or building. Wausau Window and Wall Systems’ Green Product Selection Tool allows architects, contractors, and building owners to drill down into site and building conditions to see which Wassau products would perform best in their commercial project. Start by choosing from one of eight U.S. regions and “new” or “replacement” construction. After selecting the orientation of the windows, window-to-wall ratio, framing system, and glass, choose “rank” for a worst-to-best look at performance options. Choose “compare,” instead, and the energy modeling software spits out four design scenarios. Keep an eye on the tool, as more geographic locations and building types will be added.


This intuitive website sponsored by Ashland, Inc. serves as a liaison between architects, designers, and builders and leading manufacturers of composite products. Explore products for a residential or commercial project. Looking for kitchen countertop, flooring, and cabinetry? After choosing “residential,” click on the green “kitchen” bubble and then the smaller green bubbles that correspond to each area in the virtual kitchen. Click on “decorative wall tile” and Questech, a Vermont-based manufacturer, and Silestone, of Spain, pop up with brief descriptions and contact info. While your distributor and manufacturer choices have been pre-curated, the results add up to a healthy list of options. A good – and green – place to start.