After years of planning (and a not insignificant amount of imagination), philanthropists Cathy and Peter Halstead have transformed an 11,500-acre Montana sheep ranch into Tippet Rise Art Center, a sculpture park and performance space that hopes to offer new ways of engaging with both art and nature.

The Tippet Rise ranch is located in a largely untouched part of the state, over an hour southwest of Billings and two hours north of Yellowstone National Park. The expansive site contains multiple performance spaces, including a 150-seat music barn and an open-air “Tiara”—the partial ceiling of which captures and redirects sound toward the audience.

The center also features several pieces of large-scale sculpture: most notably, three monumental rocklike sculptures by Madrid- and Boston-based Ensamble Studio and a temporary installation of two works by Alexander Calder. The structures throughout the park are intended to be both functional and inspired by the natural environment around them, blurring the line between performance venues, contemporary sculpture, and landscape.

Tippet Rise opens today with a recital by pianist Nikolai Demidenko and will continue to host concerts and performances for the rest of the summer.

“We are about to have the pure joy of opening Tippet Rise by adding the only element that’s still missing: the public,” said Cathy and Peter Halstead in a release.