When the organizers of an arts and illustration festival collaborated with local officials to revitalize a decaying park in the Italian city of Alessandria, results were nothing if not colorful. As part of its initiative, the team commissioned Sicilian street artist Marco Mangione, known as “Gue,” to bring an aging basketball court to life. Gue, whose animated murals adorn urban facades around Italy, was granted full artistic freedom to embellish the court’s asphalt surface. So he chose a color palette that reflects hues seen in conventional indoor basketball facilities, and designed a geometric pattern inspired by the rhythm and dynamics of the sport. “The perception of the mural’s shapes changes through the game’s movement,” Gue explains. “The curves and lines exalt the players’ actions, leaving a visual echo of what happens on the court.” Artistic interventions for the recreational grounds—a popular destination for the city’s youth—are to continue with the restoration of a skate park and a soccer field. “Our efforts to redevelop a neglected area have triggered a lot of interest in the community,” says the artist. “It shows that these types of projects have great resonance.”