Client: Withheld

Date completed: January 2007

Program: A 4,000-square-foot loft residence.

Design concept and solution: This 1920s industrial loft adjacent to the elevated High Line pedestrian park has been transformed into a space for living, entertaining, and displaying of contemporary art. The private spaces are elevated on a natural-finish Brazilian walnut plinth and include three bedrooms, three bathrooms, storage, and service areas. Translucent glass sliding panels form a changeable threshold of privacy connecting the living area with the plinth. The master bathroom is conceived as a carved spa chamber and is finished in Botticino stone, with flush teak flooring. A satin-finish stainless-steel wall frames the entry.


Gabellini Sheppard Associates
665 Broadway, Suite 706
New York, New York 10012
T: 212-388-1700
F: 212-388-1808

Personnel in architect’s firm who should receive Design partners: Michael Gabellini, FAIA, and Kimberly Sheppard, AIA
Managing partner: Daniel Garbowit, AIA

Project manager: Jongku Yee

Design team: Yunjeong Koo, Vincent Laino, Vivian Lee

Architect of record: Gabellini Sheppard Associates

Interior designer: Gabellini Sheppard Associates

Structural Engineer: Rodney D. Gibble Consulting Engineers (212.989.2853)

MEP Engineer: Robert Derector Associates (

Lighting: William Armstrong Lighting Design (

General contractor: RD Rice Construction, Inc. (

Photographer(s): (c) Paul Warchol

CAD system, project management, or other software used: Autocad



Interior finishes
Paint: Benjamin Moore (

Concrete & Masonry: Jepol Construction (

Carpet: M&M Design International, Inc. (woven in Nepal,

Bluestone Platform and Bathroom Marble: Corcoran Marble & Monument Co., Inc. (631.423.8712)

Concrete flooring: Azzarone Contracting Corp. (516.742.4305)

Wood flooring: J. Rappaport Flooring (201.363.6500)

Lath & Plaster: Boro Plastering Corp. (

Mirror and Glass, incl. sliding doors: Carvart (

Stainless Steel Wall Cladding: MASS Merchandising (

Metal Door Pulls and Art Hanging Clips: Empire Metal Finishing
Kitchen: Boffi (

Art Hanging System: Arakawa (
Mechanized shades: Manhattan Shade & Glass (

Fireplaces: Halsted Welles Associates, Inc. (212.777.5440)

Carved Travertine Bathtub: A. Bernacca & C. (

Built-in Sofa and Bedroom Tables: Furniture Masters, Inc. (

Dining and Coffee Tables: Miya Shoji & Interiors (
Dining Room Chairs: George Nakashima Woodworker (

Sofa, Lounge Chairs, Side Tables: B&B Italia (

Electric: Team Electric (212.685.8585)

Interior ambient lighting: Se’Lux (fluorescent lighting along ceiling beams,; Nulux (bathroom, guest bedroom cove lighting,

Downlights: Litelab (rounded fixtures,

Wall Washes: Edison Price (square pendant fixtures,

Dining Room Chandelier: Swarovski (customized “Blossom” chandelier by Tord Boontje,

Orbit Plumbing (718.376.4910)
Par Plumbing (516.394.2097)