This new residence is built around an indoor pool area and overlooks Table Rock Lake. The lake is bounded by steep limestone bluffs and serves as a haven for boaters and fishing. The lowest level of the home sits 150-feet above the water, with its primary views looking southeast toward a marina and the rolling Ozark Mountains.

An arced and inward-sloping window wall cuts into the hillside and adheres to the natural shape of the topography. Its southern exposure is protected by a series of exterior aluminum shades, computer-controlled, adjusting to track the path of the sun. As a human-made outcropping, this glazed wall orients the home to the lake and connects all levels of the house.

To further make the project a part of the site, three floor-trays step down the natural slope of hill to end at the lower-level pool area and garden. Above, a living/kitchen balcony area opens onto the pool below while allowing views out to the lake and beyond. The topmost level consists of the owner’s bedroom, bath, and dressing areas. This bedroom has a covered terrace to the east and office/library jutting out over the west side above the main entry.

Two garage/storage wings flank the north entry side of the home to set up an outdoor treed entry court. The northwest side of the upper bedroom area is glazed in proportional sections of blue, green, clear, and translucent glass. This glazed patterning, extending across the topmost north level, slowly reveals itself from the driveway approach, becoming increasingly apparent through the dense foliage of the site’s hardwood trees.