“Smart” homes are typically customized for private individuals, but improved wireless technology, the Internet of Things (IoT), and the pervasiveness of digital tablets is facilitating such intelligence for multifamily dwellings. German tech entrepreneur and investor Lars Hinrichs developed the Apartimentum, an innovative 20-unit building with wireless connectivity throughout. Notholt Lighting Design worked with Osram, whose Lightify Pro Gateway was installed in each apartment, to implement 21st-century LED lighting in the renovated 1908 building. Each tenant has a wall-mountable iPad mini that connects to a MESH network via Wi-Fi. A pre-installed mobile app manages and programs tunable-white PAR16 and linear cove lights capable of circadian sequences that adapt to actual daylight conditions. Based on this principle, large fixtures in the stairwells mimic skylights for comfortable passage into and out of the building.


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