It’s no longer enough for high-performance textiles to simply be durable and good-looking; increasingly, when used in busy public spaces where noise can be a distraction or where privacy is important, they must offer acoustic benefits as well. Wolf-Gordon’s Acoustical Sheers line by Vescom aid in sound mitigation and are ideal for hospitality, health care, retail, or office environments. These lightweight translucent draperies trap and diminish sound reverberation when hung five to seven inches from a surface such as glass, concrete, or drywall. Kirei’s geometricprint EchoPanel Mura can be used in floor-to-ceiling applications as well as workspace partitions; it is lightweight and adheres to any clean, flat surface, and has a Noise Reduction Coefficient of .10. And the vibrant 2018 Spring collection from HBF Textiles, developed by VP of design and creative direction Mary Jo Miller, includes Ziggy Zag, a polyester pattern with a thick, open weave that helps absorb sound.