What do architects use to create interesting vertical surfaces in their own offices? According to one design house, wallcoverings that pop. When HOK architecture firm collaborated with local contractor ABI Companies to merge an office area with an elevator lobby in the firm’s Tampa office, the designers wanted to brighten up the space without interrupting the workflow.

“One of the largest challenges was to minimize disruption for the team and work within the existing footprint,” says Eddie Pabon, a designer for HOK. The designers “wanted a dramatic look that could be viewed from the elevator lobby, while providing privacy and physical separation,” says Pabon.

HOK selected Lumicor Resin Panels to create a statement wall that greets visitors exiting the elevator. ABI installed a suspended wall system of edge-aligned Lumicor panels, encapsulated with a custom digital print color-matched to the HOK brand and featuring the company’s logo.

The options for customization are endless. “Our main line of decorative resins includes more than 250 standard décor choices,” says a Lumicor spokesperson. Made using several high-performance engineering resins, including acrylic, polycarbonate, and PETG, the custom-fabricated panels are offered in standard 4-foot-by-8-foot sheets. Also, the product is 7-130 times stronger than glass and is naturally resistant to UV rays. Besides its durability and performance, the end result is often stunning. “The translucency of the resin panels allows for the lobby, reception, and workspaces to feel cohesive, resulting in an impactful, branded entryway that refreshes this contemporary space,” says Pabon.