Founded in 1993 as an artists’ studio, UAP Supply evolved into a fabricator of custom architectural products. As business grew, they added a factory but continued to collaborate with designers and architects on designs for site furniture. It is that designer-friendly business model that makes the company an especially creative manufacturer, known for innovative products such as Stump Stool B (shown here) by UAP principal Jamie Perrow. “Our concepts always offer lots of options for specifiers,” he says. Many items that UAP makes are products that it dreams up with third parties in line with its mission to weave art and design into spaces.

Jamie Perrow
New York-based senior principal for UAP Studio, a combination design studio and fabricator.

The vision behind Stump Stool? “What is the least amount of designing that I can do on this, but also play around with off-cuts of materials in our own workshop?” says Perrow of his creative process. As both designer and manufacturer, he always tries to see production from the point of view of working architects with whom the company works so closely. For that reason, his stool comes in an array of colors, sizes, and material options. At 19 inches tall with a 22-inch-diameter top, the first version, Stump Stool A, was originally conceived in granite, bronze, and brass—materials interchangeable for use in the top and base.

The second edition combines an aluminum top finished in weather-resistant spray paint and a stainless steel base coated in a high-quality, two-pack paint system, similar to the coating used on cars. The material diversity ensures that Stump Stool can fit seamlessly into multiple environments and designed spaces. Letting design lead the production process is part of the company’s artisan spirit. “We have a rich history of working with artists and architects. So we understand how things they use need to be made,” Perrow says.