Walls that are architecturally sound and functionally versatile can also be visually striking and stylish, with a range of new products offering cutting-edge patterns and designs. Nemo Tile’s hexagonal porcelain Gramercy collection, suitable for walls and floors, is available in a variety of solids, reliefs, tredi, and graphic patterns. Using an advanced digital printing process, the result is a handsomely faded look similar to cement tile, calling to mind the brownstones of New York City’s neighborhood by the same name. Italian company Antolini’s Natural Collection of granite tile (offered in standard slab dimensions 102 inches by 51 inches by 1 inch) includes the shadowy, foliage-like Verde Bergogna Camouflage pattern, a sophisticated take on camo rendered in olive and chestnut hues with gold and silver highlights. And Dimension Walls from MDC are durable, 3D-designed polymer thermoplastic sheets (available in 4-foot by 8-foot and 4-foot by 10-foot sheets) offering near limitless pattern options like cracked mental, aged patina, stone, and wood grain. They are manufactured using a proprietary thermoperforming process that helps designers reduce material cost as well as save in freight and installation, as the sheets can be easily applied to flat or curved surfaces, including painted drywall, MDF, tile, or plywood. Wayfair, shown here, is a geometric design that resembles corrugated metal.