When Rowayton Elementary School in Norwalk, Connecticut, asked interior design firm Antinozzi Associates to convert a former multipurpose room into a cafeteria, noise control was high on the list of priorities. The trick, here as in many projects nowadays, was making the elements blend into the overall design.

For that, the team chose EchoPanels from Kirei. Inspired by the nearby Connecticut shoreline, they developed an ocean motif for the room and designed panels to fit the theme. Large acoustical clouds on the ceiling are used to mimic the sky, and pieces of EchoPanel were cut to mimic ocean waves, but the real standout is a whale. At approximately 40 feet long and 11 feet tall, it consists of seven individual pieces of EchoPanel installed to appear as one on the upper half of the back wall. The solution is as effective as it is welcoming. The low-VOC panels are made from 60 percent recycled PET plastic bottles and achieve a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of up to 0.75.

For an additional layer of noise control, the team also installed the Rockfon Island Wall System. The system boasts an NRC as high as 1.15 and is made from durable and water-resistant stone wool. The Island Wall System may be installed at various angles and distances from the wall to produce custom patterns for each room. Not only durable, the system is recyclable: ideal for open-plan offices, atriums, banquet halls, and kid-friendly cafeterias.