Hives and huddles in the open office are great for some, but other employees need peace and quiet to remain focused and productive. A survey by Rocket Fueled People reports that 58% of high-performance employees (HPE)—those experienced, trained individuals who are tasked with solving the hardest problems in an organization— unequivocally say they need more acoustically insulated spaces.

Some manufacturers are hearing (and heeding) their call. Designed by Adam Goodrum, ICF’s Bower Collection features a basket-weave-wrapped enclosure that supports visual as well as aural privacy for sit-down meetings. The Hush Phone from Mikomax Smart Office is a stand-up booth equipped with power, lighting, and ventilation. From Silence Business Solutions, the windowless La Boîte à Rêves (The Dream Box) offers perhaps the ultimate noisefree retreat: users can choose from a menu of 12 sound and light programs designed to facilitate power napping. All three products are being introduced at NeoCon 2018.