Open office meet closed space. In the world of wide-open co-working and office spaces with little privacy, ROOM designs and builds modular units to facilitate privacy and creativity.

ROOM’s flagship product, ROOM One, is a soundproof telephone-booth-like pod that brings privacy back to the open office. Designed by Alejandra Albarrán, ROOM’s Director of Design and Innovation, in partnership with New York-based creative lab and co-working space A/D/O, each pod comes complete with a plexiglass door, a shelf desk, and built-in lighting. Tuppence Collective, a London-based design team comprised of Alicia Perry and Rebecca Intavarant, has created a choice of custom botanical wallpaper-like patterns to enliven the pods.

Engineered of entirely recycled materials and with an NIC rating of 29 dB, ROOM One is quiet on the inside and also helps reduce noise in the surrounding office.

ROOM One, which ships flat directly to the customer, has its electricals housed in the ceiling to ensure easy assembly. The plexiglass door keeps the weight of the booth low and minimizes damage during transit. This makes ROOM One thousands of dollars cheaper than other models on the market.

A bit nostalgic yet thoroughly modern, ROOM One provides privacy, quiet, and a decorative fl air to meet contemporary workplace needs.