Location: Mallorca, Spain

Project size: 2,600 square feet

Site size: 7,600 square feet

Program: A house perched on a rocky Mediterranean hillside was designed to include multiple points of access.

Solution: The coastal residence is composed of four stacked concrete volumes with floor-to-ceiling windows. The architects installed gently-sloped stairs and an elevator to access the main living area from the street below.

Construction and materials: The building structure is composed of steel pillars with concrete floors and concrete block masonry walls. The exterior features lime stucco coating, sandstone, hydraulic tile, and pinewood.


Additional Information

Total project cost: withheld

Owner: withheld

Client: Promotoras Europeas Consolidadas S.L.



Caballero Colón


Personnel in architect's firm who should receive special credit:

Paula Caballero and Diego Colón



Roberto Merlo


General contractor:

Rosique construcciones y obras civiles S.L.



Luis Díaz Díaz




Andreu Servera


Metal/glass curtain wall

Arxiduc S.L.


Rainscreen (terra cotta, composite, etc.)

WEBER white flexible lime stucco coating


Precast concrete

Vibrados Ballester S.A.


Built-up roofing

concrete roof, PVC waterproofing, XPS thermal insulation, Geotextil and gravel.


Wood frame

Fustería Canteret S.L. and José Narro.



Saint Gobain



Canteret and Arxiduc


Cabinetwork and custom woodwork

José Narro


Paints and stains

Pinturas Navarro S.L.


Solid surfacing



Resilient flooring

Microciment (Ricardo Perelli) and sandstone (Sa Cabana).


Other unique products that contribute to sustainability

Altherma air conditioning, heating and sanitary hot water system.


Metal frame

Amador i Fill, S.L.