Location: Long Island, New York

Project size: 1,730 square feet

Program: Cocoon is a sixteen-foot high, L-shaped, three-bedroom, two-bathroom cottage with an open living area for dining/living and kitchen. Designed for a family of six, two children’s rooms feature mezzanine levels, accessible by ladders, which serve as sleeping quarters. The bedroom hallway connects the master bedroom on one end to the open living space on the other. There is a patio for outdoor dining.

Solution: The house’s rounded walls enclose the living spaces from neighbors, providing shelter and privacy. The southern facing glass facade takes in ocean breezes and open views. The cedar shingle cladding blends in with the architectural material palette of the historic neighborhood. By tuning in to given site conditions, and with the help of environmental technologies such as photovoltaic panels, the architectural design serves both the environment and occupants’ well-being.

Construction and materials: The wooden structure is supported by prefabricated laminated timber trusses. There are no metal structural members, which is beneficial for both air quality and carbon footprint. The materials consist of white oak flooring, local bluestone patio, hearth and countertops, Danby Imperial white marble from Vermont, and recycled ceramic tile for the bathrooms.


Additional Information

Location: Long Island, New York

Completion date: July 2019

Total project cost: $1 million

Total construction cost: $800,000

Client: Nina Edwards Anker

Owner: Nina Edwards Anker



Nina Edwards Anker, nea studio

New Lab

Brooklyn Navy Yard

19 Morris Ave building 128

Brooklyn, NY 11205


Licciardi Builders

George Berenz project manager

381 Old Riverhead Rd #11

Westhampton, NY 11977


Personnel in architect's firm who should receive special credit:

Nina Edwards Anker, Arkitekt MNAL, Assoc. AIA, PhD


Architect of record:

Nina Edwards Anker, Arkitekt MNAL, Assoc. AIA, PhD


Associate architect(s):

Stephen Rosetti Architects


Interior designer:

Nina Edwards Anker, nea studio



Will Laufs, LaufsED: Structural Engineer

Jordan Goldman, Zero Energy Design: Mechanical Engineer

Michael Edwards, Avioworks: Electrical Engineer

Charles von Mueffling, Obelisk Consulting: Sound Engineer



Anna Agoston, Raphael Walter, drafting


General contractor:

Licciardi Builders; George Berenz, project manager



Caylon Hackwith



Corey Richardson



Structural System

Enter Other Structural Products Here: Unalam: Prefabricated structural laminated timber trusses


Exterior Cladding

Metal/glass curtain wall: Lynbrook Glass

Other cladding unique to this project: Lance Nill Inc. Roofing, double-curved cedar shingles



Tile/shingles: Lance Nill Inc. Roofing



Metal frame: Lynbrook Glass



Skylights: Lynbrook Glass



Entrances: Intus

Metal doors: Intus

Sliding doors: Lynbrook Glass



Office furniture: Vanity Table/Desk and Crystallized office chair designed by Nina Edwards Anker (nea studio)

Reception furniture: Knotties set (loveseat, 2 armchairs, footrest) designed by Nina Edwards Anker (nea studio)

Chairs: Outdoor Crystalized Chairs designed by Nina Edwards Anker (nea studio)

Tables: Cantilever Table and Outdoor Crystalized Table designed by Nina Edwards Anker (nea studio)

Upholstery: Beanie Sofa designed by Nina Edwards Anker (nea studio)

Other furniture: Outdoor daybed Bird Bed and chair Bird Chair designed by Nina Edwards Anker (nea studio)



Interior ambient lighting: Solar Chandelier (2) and Algae Chandelier designed by Nina Edwards Anker (nea studio)



Energy management or building automation system: Jordan Goldman, Zero Energy Design

Photovoltaic system: Green Logic

Other unique products that contribute to sustainability: ERV System, Mitsubishi

Add any additional building components or special equipment that made a significant contribution to this project:  Rainwater-collecting cistern/reflecting pool by Island Gunite Pool