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Born in Ukraine, Vladimir Radutny has called Chicago home for over 30 years. His practice focuses on innovative design solutions that challenge the conventional interpretations of space, function, and material use. The work exemplifies a cohesion of spatial logic and consideration of light as a foundation in crafting the unexpected. For Radutny, pragmatic requirements and budgetary constraints are imperative to the overall design equation that enables the transformation of ideas into built work.


2016 W. Rice.

Photo © J.C. Buck, click to enlarge

2016 W. Rice: This 14,000-square-foot condominium is located in the heart of one of Chicago’s oldest neighborhoods, Ukrainian Village. It comprises four uniquely configured duplexes with four single-story units stacked above, and is organized as a small community wrapped in one contiguous corrugated metal skin (selected for its reflective qualities). Two large cubic voids define terraces at the second floor, where the articulated steel balconies and stairs are nested, echoing Chicago’s famous fire escapes.


Michigan Loft: Inside a century-old structure originally built for automotive assembly and display, Radutny renovated a residence that was poorly functioning as a domestic space, crafting an evocative living environment within an impressive 2,250-square-foot volume. Scaled architectural components, material restraint, and theatrical lighting throughout lessens the immensity while maintaining openness and clarity of space.

Michigan Loft.

Photo © Mike Schwarz

Michigan Loft detail diagram.


Unit 2808.

Photo © Mike Schwarz

Unit 2808: This 28th-floor dwelling was renovated for a couple who wanted an urban sanctuary as their second home. All plaster walls were removed and the space reconfigured to create vantage points that did not previously exist in the south-facing unit with views to the Chicago skyline. Black floating lines organize the primary living space and become thinner as they elevate vertically above the floor plane. Walls and custom built-ins are simply read as planes and surfaces that encompass the domestic space.

Vladimir Radutny.

Vladimir Radutny. Photo © Mike Schwarz



PRINCIPAL: Vladimir Radutny

EDUCATION: University of Illinois School of Architecture, M.Arch., 2002 and B.Arch., 2000

WORK HISTORY: SIDE Architecture, 2008–14; Krueck + Sexton Architects, 2006–08; Perkins + Will, 2003–06; Boyarsky Murphy Architects, 2002–03; Murphy/Jahn Architects, 2002

KEY COMPLETED PROJECTS: Unit 2808, 2019; 2016 W. Rice, 2019; Michigan Loft, 2018; Unit 3E, 2014; RDG Offices, 2014 (all in Chicago)

KEY CURRENT PROJECTS: 999 Lake Shore Drive; Unit 8408; R-Home (all in Chicago)