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Architectural Record presents the top indoor and outdoor lighting products of the year.


Coil Collection Naturals

Coil Collection Lights.

This 2021 extension of LightArt’s 3-D-printed Coil Collection pushes the boundaries of the medium and method with nature- and ceramic-inspired colors and shapes. Illuminated by the company’s solid-state chip-on-board LED technology, the new fixtures come in Red Clay, Limestone, and Granite Gray, and four shapes especially suitable for large-scale environments.


Best in Category medal. Vibia Stick Lights.

Designed to pack a minimalist punch, the versatile Sticks lighting system from Vibia comprises a trio of 1¼" x ¾" aluminum fixtures measuring 59", 78¾", and 118" long. These can stand alone or link in compositions that extend up to 177" per electrical connection. Each Stick can turn around its own axis to provide direct or indirect illumination in wall, ceiling, or freestanding floor applications.

Matt Ducharme
“Sticks is stunning in form and can be arranged in a number of different configurations— a beautiful example of how product design can be integral to the needs of specific spaces while maintaining a distinctive look.”
Matt Ducharme, Woods Bagot principal and west coast design leader


Frasch Pendant Light.

The petals of this sound-absorbing pendant by Fräsch are made of recyclable PET felt produced from plastic water bottles. With an NRC rating of 1.30, Spoke reduces unwanted reverberation in commercial spaces and at the same time provides dimmable LED illumination. The fixture comes in 44" and 34" diameters in 36 hues, and three bladelike shapes.


Luxxbox Light Fixture.

This Luxxbox acoustic PET light fixture may reduce ambient noise by as much as 40% in open spaces such as offices, lobbies, and classrooms. It’s available in two formats: Portrait (23" high x 19" wide) and Landscape (15" high x 26" wide) and 13 colorways, with optional Bluetooth technology.

AirCore Bridge

AirCore Bridge Lights.

This suspended acoustical-ceiling system from Focal Point integrates a narrow, sound-absorbing baffle—made of a PET felt polyester with up to 50% post-consumer recycled content—with the company’s slim Seem 1, a linear luminaire that has powerful optics. Available in three customizable configurations, AirCore Bridge supports lengths from 6' to 208' as continuous runs.


Landscape Forms Lights.

The sculptural elements of this Landscape Forms collection stem from a collaboration with Designworks, BMW’s design-innovation studio. Typology includes three styles: Ring lights, with steel masts up to 25' and up to three LED halos; Stick lights that stand erect at 10' to 16' tall; and 3'-tall cast-concrete-clad bollards that come in double and single versions.

The LittleOnes

Editors' Choice medal. USAI Lighting.

“Micro”-manage commercial or residential spaces with these tiny recessed downlights from USAI Lighting that can deliver more than 1,000 lumens, with excellent glare control and flicker-free dimming down to 1%. Serviceable from below the ceiling, it comes in downlight, wall-wash, and adjustable options within a 1"-round or 1¼"-square aperture and a choice of black or white housing.


ActiveCLEAN Lighting.

Using the antimicrobial-lighting technologies of health-tech company Vyv, Amerlux has developed a UV-free solution that may kill viruses, bacteria, and other microbes on surfaces the light contacts. Available in two linear formats, ActiveCLEAN meets standards for continual use around people and pets and is ideal for commercial and institutional spaces.

Seem 1 Lit End Caps

FocalPoint Seem 1 Lights.

Focal Point’s Seem 1 family now offers perpendicular end caps that maintain the ribbon-like glow from the acrylic lens at the bottom of the 1½' aperture luminaire and up along its vertical surfaces. The Lit End Caps add 2" to the overall luminaire length, which ranges from 2' up to 208' in a continuous run.